Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great find for parents seeking food for kids with allergies!!

Does your child have food allergies? Are you tired of bland calorie filled foods that just make the grade (your kid doesn't spit them out?) Well parents, there is hope. We all know the link between nutrition and physical growth. There is also a link associated with several spectrum disorders that can be attributed to food or food item allergies. For those parents who have children on controlled diets, it can be tough to find foods that aren't bland, or they meet some guidelines but miss others. There is a light here for you.
Ope's is a company that produces foods that are good for people and taste wonderful. From cookies to sandwiches these foods hit the spot and are balanced!!!
My daughter loves these foods and Ope's was a kind supporter of her graduation Open House and guests raved about the cookies!!
Check out OPE'S "Food the world can live with "on Facebook!

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