Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Sight Words

A really fun way to help your child learn sight words is to make four sets of the sight words on index cards. You can use different color markers for each word. Then, shuffle them like a deck of cards and play a "Go Fish" like game with them. If the youngster cannot read the word in his/her hand they can show it to the other player(s) and say do you have one of these? The reader players (parent or siblings) say the word, the youngster says the word first to be able to collect any cards, and collects all of them.
At the end of the game players win just like in go fish but can get "extra" points by reading their hand.
Another fun way to do it is like a cake walk. Put the cards on the floor and play some music. When the music stops you and you kiddo see what you are standing on. He/she reads both your card and his/her card. Help them when needed. They get to keep the card if they read it correctly. Game is over when all of the cards are off of the floor.
I have more- let me know if you need any.
( another way is good old flash cards and say them in silly voices to each other)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

No Screaming

Any time we feel the boiling waters of stress we need to take this in and of itself as a cue to step outside the moment. So many times the stress builds and the steam blows in the form of yelling. In the end only hurt comes out of this reaction. Physical cues tell us when we are overloaded and we can choose our reactions..feel the cue, and rethink the reaction. Take a breath, say to yourself I'm angry, or I'm stressed. By then you have added time from the incident to your reaction and it can hopefully be less than a scream and more of a redirecting of your child or if you need to, give yourself some space. Screaming hurts..words like I'm angry right now or what you are doing is making me angry are appropriate in controlled tones. Say them instead of screaming...everyone will be better off in the long run.