Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great find for parents seeking food for kids with allergies!!

Does your child have food allergies? Are you tired of bland calorie filled foods that just make the grade (your kid doesn't spit them out?) Well parents, there is hope. We all know the link between nutrition and physical growth. There is also a link associated with several spectrum disorders that can be attributed to food or food item allergies. For those parents who have children on controlled diets, it can be tough to find foods that aren't bland, or they meet some guidelines but miss others. There is a light here for you.
Ope's is a company that produces foods that are good for people and taste wonderful. From cookies to sandwiches these foods hit the spot and are balanced!!!
My daughter loves these foods and Ope's was a kind supporter of her graduation Open House and guests raved about the cookies!!
Check out OPE'S "Food the world can live with "on Facebook!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Microsoft Office 2011 To Cost Only $99 for College Students

Microsoft Office 2011 To Cost Only $99 for College Students

Check out this link for your college bound students. Sounds like it might be a good idea to purchase the student discount computer with the 2008 software after August 1st and get the free Upgrade for the Microsoft for Apple student package later in October.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Parent Awareness Month come to a Celebration of YOU!

Saturday, March 19th, there will be a celebration of YOU the parent at Schuler's Book Store in Grand Rapids MI on 28th Street SE.
From 10am-1pm there will be info, resources, speakers Door Prizes and Refreshments. Sponsored by Parents Empowering Network, Leap2Success, Healthy Kent 2020, Grand Rapids Upward Bound and Michigan Family Resources Head Start, this event will be fun and informative and a needed hug or pat on the back for you. Make it part of your month to refresh yourself here.
Leap 2 Success will be there with information and suggestions on books you can get right there at Schuler's to help you in your journey.
See you there!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March is Parent Awareness Month!

Look around your community for things to do to celebrate parenthood and support you in your walk. Today's parent support tip:
Find two parents in your younger child's classroom or older student's booster organizations or PTO. Contact them, go ahead don't be shy. Let them know you are getting to know parents in the school.
It doesn't have to be about volunteering. It can be about being connected to a parent network that helps get your kid on the radar of more adults. And you in the loop.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Your child is watching your attitude/Parent teacher conferences are about them

Remember, you are attending the conference to learn more about your child. And, the fact that you are making the effort to go shows your child you are invested in them not only for the soccer shoes, tennis racket or the tutor, but the time you take to talk with the people who spend a majority of your child's day with them. Actions do speak volumes and words about your efforts are mega-hertz louder than you think. Be aware of how you talk about the conferences and yes, it may be a busy day, but positive words about getting to the school are so much better than a negative comment about the time it will take, or the news you might get. Model responsibility and grace and most of all interest in what your child spends 8 hours a day doing. If they know you notice, the behavior they want to exhibit will probably be positive. Put in the time with a smile. Your child will notice.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conferences: When 10 minutes isn't enough

Sometimes there seems to be more information to share than the allotted 10-15 minutes plugged in for Parent/Teacher conferences. Both you and the teacher know this and try to get as much info in as possible. Sometimes the results are blips of bad news, or quickly reviewed strengths and some goals. All of this is a good place to start. Take a step back and view the conference as a check up point and a springboard for more in depth communication later if you are feeling that there is more you'd like to discuss. Pressuring the teacher into discussing difficult things in their tight schedule will be counter productive. Build the relationship with your child's teacher as a team surrounding the child, and have a list of concerns and positives you'd like to have a chance to talk to the teacher about. If you feel there is more to discuss, ask to schedule a meeting with the teacher when you both have more time. Connect via e-mail and schedule a meeting based on the conference "Springboard".