Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March is Parent Awareness Month!

Look around your community for things to do to celebrate parenthood and support you in your walk. Today's parent support tip:
Find two parents in your younger child's classroom or older student's booster organizations or PTO. Contact them, go ahead don't be shy. Let them know you are getting to know parents in the school.
It doesn't have to be about volunteering. It can be about being connected to a parent network that helps get your kid on the radar of more adults. And you in the loop.

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  1. Hi Beth,
    I checked in on your blog today and saw your entries from February regarding Parent and Teacher conferences which I must have missed. Even though I have been through several years of conferences, this current teachers' conferences I had some uncomfortable issues to deal with. Reading your blogs empowered me and helped me formulate a way to approach the conferences so as to be the most helpful and effective for my child. I was feeling very stressed about everything and it helped me to put some things in perspective and most of all approach it with a positive attitude. Thank you!!!