Monday, February 14, 2011

Your child is watching your attitude/Parent teacher conferences are about them

Remember, you are attending the conference to learn more about your child. And, the fact that you are making the effort to go shows your child you are invested in them not only for the soccer shoes, tennis racket or the tutor, but the time you take to talk with the people who spend a majority of your child's day with them. Actions do speak volumes and words about your efforts are mega-hertz louder than you think. Be aware of how you talk about the conferences and yes, it may be a busy day, but positive words about getting to the school are so much better than a negative comment about the time it will take, or the news you might get. Model responsibility and grace and most of all interest in what your child spends 8 hours a day doing. If they know you notice, the behavior they want to exhibit will probably be positive. Put in the time with a smile. Your child will notice.

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  1. Great advice, Beth. I only have a kindergartener currently, but it's good for me to start learning this now!