Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's time to start checking in with your children

It is getting busier by the day I am sure. With earlier mornings for off to school, homework, sports, fitting in family dinners and time together it can be hard to capture moments to truly connect with your kids. So much of our time is spent "directing" ( "time to get in the car. Get your things ready for school. Make sure you do your math etc") that we think we are communicating but we are missing the connection.
Finding out what is going on with your child takes effort but it becomes easier with practice. So often we hear ourselves ask "How's school?" "Do you like your teachers?" Or we use the online school sites to check homework assignments and test scores, and begin conversations around missing work or low grades.
Take some time to ask open ended questions like:"What is Mr. Jones like?" "What are you talking about in Science now?" "How do you feel about your homework load?" "What can I do to help you with school?'
There are many ways to find out if your child is struggling in school, loving school or having challenges with time management and even social interactions just by asking questions like you would in a conversation rather than an inquisition. When you do check the online site and see good grades and completed homework, make sure to mention that.
Here's to helping your child Leap 2 Success

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